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Do you want to change but don’t  know how to?

Are you aware that you are not living to your full potential?

Do you know that you are so much more than the life that you are currently living?

* Depression

* Addictions

* Money problems

* Confidence issues

* Fears & phobias

* Relationship problems

* Relieving illness & pain

* Panic attacks & anxiety

 * Release emotional baggage

* Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxiety

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Intuitive Core Healing is a way of changing all the areas in your life that aren’t working. These changes takes place on an energetic level…because everything is energy!

You can change the bits of you and your life that aren’t working, that you don’t like and that you’ve tried so many different ways to change already.

Intuitive Core Healing can help you overcome any block or limiting belief/feeling that is in the way of you living the life that you truly desire.

Intuitive Core Healing is a way to change and let go of anything you feel stuck in.

It can be a fast-track way to change any area of your life, whether that’s physical, emotional or spiritual. It is a system for pin-pointing and clearing the blocks, emotions & beliefs that challenge us in life.

We all know that we carry around emotional baggage with us from past experiences.emotional-baggage

We are generally not consciously aware of all of the blocks & beliefs that are holding us back as they are often deeply rooted and hidden in our subconscious.

Much like a virus runs in a computer, our emotions & beliefs are automatically running within our subconscious, creating glitches & problems in our life.

We can’t successfully re-write this programming on an intellectual & conscious level for any length of time, instead what is needed is for the healing to take place on an emotional & energy level.

Intuitive Core Healing helps us access our subconscious so that we can truly let go of our baggage once and for all!

Intuitive Core Healing empowers & transforms you & your life. 


Testimonials – 

Date: June 2013
Name: Shenae
Location: Hampshire
Age: In 20′s
Condition: Food issues, feeling stuck & self-punishment.

After one session:

” These last few days have without a word of a lie been the most remarkable of my life, I walked out of your house and just went WOW outloud to myself.

The shift is hard to believe as the insights and truth flood my being. I can actually feel my body rebuilding and readjusting. I haven’t the words to describe how overwhelmingly grateful I am for what u have given back to me.

I’ve never felt this much and understood so much in all my life, I always knew I was missing the point and no matter what or how hard I tried could never get to myself but the moment I put all of my trust into you and this process  I just knew that I had indeed hit the jackpot!

I have so much clarity, all of my fears and worries have been obliterated. You have opened the door for me to reclaim a self I sensed was there but could never quite reach.

I’m just so very thankful for what u have discovered to share with others, returning them to the truth of life and themselves. Beautiful!

I hope you can feel the love I have for you for what you have done for me, its been a long road but is only up from here and i look forward to our next session.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou haha I will thank you and the universe a million times over! ”

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